Imagery as Mental Training

February 22, 2021

The power of using imagery as mental training is so awesome top Olympic athletes wouldn't compete without it! Listen as this New York Times podcast shares the secrets to this terrific technique. You may be asking, what does this have to do with mindfulness? Everything: you don't have to stand in front of a waterfall to gain the benefit of the experience! Take your most awesome memory, see, feel, taste, hear and smell the scene in your mind as if you were there. Imagine if you were at Havasupai in front of the waterfall you see you see here.

See the aqua pool and the terra cotta earth.

Feel the cool, damp air on your face, arms and legs.

Taste the spray on your lips.

Hear the water gushing and cascading into the pool below.

Smell the clean, perfumed air.

Take a deep breathe and breath into the scene. Let yourself be transported. Inspire the memory to come to life in this moment. Your mind, your muscles, your brain and your heart WILL respond. With practice, the effects will become stronger and stronger.

Nelson Mandela credits imagery as one of the keys to his ability to emerge from prison without debilitating depression or trauma. He used his mind to leave prison every day! Without knowing what I was doing, I practiced this all the time as a child growing g up in a dangerously abusive situation. It works!!! I also practiced it when I completed as a cowgirl. Yep, I was a barrel racer. And I almost always got the blue ribbon. No foolin'. So, the next time you're feeling stuck at work, at home, in traffic, ... bring back a memory of freedom, awe and exhilaration, remember the scene with all your heart and senses, and set yourself free!