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Mindfulness In Nature, LLC (MIN) is a unique program that that blends forest bathing, nature interpretation, science, energy medicine and reverence for indigenous wisdom. The cornerstone of the  program is a 1- to 2-hour guided experience carefully designed to lead you into a deeper understanding and connection with nature and the wondrous being that you are. 

Your journey will begin with a gentle inquiry into the areas of your life that need support, places in your body where you carry stress and patterns in your life that no longer serve you that you want to transform. Then, together, we will open our senses, sink into the present moment and allow Nature to relax, refresh, inform and inspire your body and spirit. As the mind quiets, areas in your life that are out of balance will naturally bubble up into your awareness, asking to be met without judgement and be heard. Once the voice of stress or pain is allowed to express itself fully, the wisdom contained within can be received, learned from and the associated tension may be released. Working together, we will retrieve more and more energy that has been locked in the past, resulting in increasingly available joy, vitality and creativity for your current life.

Each guided nature immersion is a special, in-the-moment experience designed especially for the day, the location and you. Each session builds on prior sessions to take you  deeper into the mysteries and wonders of the natural world and your own wondrous gifts and life purpose. All information provided is grounded in the science behind the cycles and interconnectedness of all life. Indigenous knowledge is respectfully included to bring wisdom, humility and reverence for the Earth. In contrast to most nature programs that teach about nature, we  will be learning directly from Nature: adaptability, how trees and fungi communicate, reciprocity, interconnectedness, symbiosis, the importance of biodiversity, stewardship and the role of gratitude.

With practice, the simple, yet profound art of Mindfulness In Nature will open your heart to joy, awe and majesty while helping you to be more patient, centered, strong and flexible. To learn more about research on the results of similar programs, see the Research & Inspiration page below.

Locations: MIN is offered at several carefully chosen locations.

*Select trails within Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Empire

*Leo Creek Preserve in Suttons Bay

*A privately owned certified bird habitat 2 miles south of Leland

Free, introductory programs are offered to the public in Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula through the Leelanau Conservancy.

Get the full MIN Calendar! Subscribe at the top of this website for monthly emails with public MIN Program dates and locations. Or, to book a custom, private, individual or group program, send an email to 1gloriousjourney@gmail.com or call (760) 519-5025.

The Heart & Mind Behind MIN

Gloria Garrett, PhD

Mindfulness In Nature, LLC Founder & Director

Gloria Garrett, PhD founded the Mindfulness In Nature program in the summer of 2016  in La Jolla, California. She now resides in the Leelanau peninsula in Michigan where she offers private and public MIN sessions and facilitator training. Ms. Garrett's PhD is in Energy Medicine, bringing mind, body and spirit into balance with the support of the consciousness of Nature. She also has an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin. Ms. Garrett is a member of the Leelanau Wellness Collective, a Leelanau Conservancy Docent, a Certified Interpretive Guide with the National Association for Interpretation, a Certified Naturalist with the University of California, San Diego Natural Reserve System and a former professional nature photographer. 


Gloria offers customized private, youth group and adult group events. For further information and rates on customized, special events, please email Gloria at 1gloriousjourney@gmail.com or call (760) 519-5025. 

Please note, Ms. Garrett is not a licensed medical professional. Her program is not a substitute for medical treatment.


Mindfulness in Nature, LLC is a program founded and developed by Gloria Garrett. All MIN written materials and images are copyright protected and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed without prior written authorization.

1-Hour Public Group

All Ages, No Dogs

$50/hr per person

5 People Max

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1-Hour Private Group

All Ages, No Dogs

$50/hr per person

5 People Max

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1-Hour Private 1-On-1

All Ages, No Dogs

Minors must be accompanied

by legal guardian.

$140/hour or

$110/hour for a package of 4

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Facilitator Training


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"Life-altering experience..." 

-Tanya Barstow, 10/05/19

"Gloria is masterful at combining important big picture science concepts with 'forest bathing' type contemplation.... along with helping folks feel that we all are learning from nature (not about it) .....while emphasizing our inter-connectedness with, and importance of all of life on this planet."

-Ann McInnis, 10/05/19

"Gloria is a master facilitator and guide with extensive knowledge of eco systems, a deep and abiding respect for the intelligence of nature, and a highly refined intuitive skill in leading people of all ages into powerful experiences of connection with the world, both within and around them. I learned not only about the plants, animals, and landscape of this unique place, but also how to tune in to the fullness of all that was present. I saw with new eyes and heard with new ears, experiencing wondrous things that I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed or paid attention to.  When it came time leave, I felt alive, refreshed, and more peaceful... (I gained) a new perspective on how to settle easily and more consistently into a grounded, peaceful, highly observant place in my daily life.  Thank you, Gloria, for helping me to see the world and my place in it with new eyes and  a fuller heart!"

-Leslie Cady, 05/06/21

"A bed of pine needles beneath our feet, a bird call on the wind, a smooth rock in the hand ... all take on more meaning and a soothing, revelatory immediacy while on a Mindfulness in Nature walk in the woods. Founder Gloria Garrett masterfully guides us into a world of the complete senses and more: we feel transported to a primal oneness with the very essence of who we are — natural beings who must communicate with, and protect, our earth and all it nourishes, including ... ourselves!" 

-Peter Jensen, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, and Del Mar, California, 05/24/21

"This was a truly transformational experience! I learned so much about the trees and the indigenous people. It felt so good to be present to nature. I have been here many times, but never in this way. I know so many groups I want to experience this - college students, parents, teachers, educators...! Thank you for this incredible opportunity!"

-Justine Darling, 09/02/16

"Thank you, Gloria, for the beautiful gift of your mindfulness experience this morning! I come here often to feel the energy, and there are new things that I now will notice and enjoy even more, because of you! I love Black Sage, the Lemonadeberry and the Yerba Santa! Michigan is blessed to be getting you and your gifts with Mindfulness In Nature 🙏🏼💜..."

-Mikaila Cameron, 12/01/19

Land Acknowledgement

Copied with permission from the Leelanau Conservancy website:

"We acknowledge the waters and lands the Leelanau Conservancy cares for and owns are located on the ancestral, traditional, and contemporary lands of the Anishinaabeg—the Three Fires Confederacy of the Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi peoples. Since time immemorial, the Anishinaabeg have lived, worked, honored, and respected these lands. We further acknowledge that the land known today as Leelanau County is comprised of lands acquired under the 1836 and 1855 treaties between the United States and the Ottawa and Chippewa Nation of Indians.

Our recognition of the full history of the land we cherish and work to protect is an expression of gratitude and appreciation to those on whose ancestral lands we reside. We give thanks to the generous care with which the Anishinaabeg, and those of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, have given and continue to give to this land and our Leelanau community."

Miigwech (Thank you)


Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life, by legendary biologist E.O. Wilson


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Message from the Pink Flame

I stood in awe, staring at the scene unfolding before me. A beautiful golden sunset complete with God-rays was transforming into something even more exquisite. As the Earth…

Black crow flyingToward me                                              So low                   …


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Research & Inspiration




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Images of Nature

(for more images, please visit Glorious Journey Photography on Facebook)

Forest in  Smoky Mountains

Road to Paradise


Paper Birch

Christmas Tree Farm

Autumn Symphony

The Pink Flame Appears

The Pink Flame Revealed Through Photoshop

Before the Pink Flame:

A Golden Shower of Light

Breathe Deep